About Us

We are Adam and Joanne Griffiths – we recently purchased a holiday caravan in Tenby which we are looking to let out during the times we will not be using it. We thought we would share with you some of the reasons we chose our caravan, and they may resonate with you and your family! 

About Us and our Family Holidays 

I’m not sure if any of you can relate to this, but we were getting to the point with our holidays that we were waiting one whole year for a break away, costing a considerable amount and having two weeks in one place and that was it until the following year! We realised that there were so many beautiful parts of the country (Wales being our favourite) and the thought of having several breaks away was more appealing. Somehow staying in a caravan felt like more of a holiday than travelling on planes and trying to fit our family in one hotel room. 

Why did we choose Kiln Park and Tenby? 

We have always been partial to visiting West Wales and after deciding to visit on a Bank Holiday in May we fell in love with the area. Everything special for the kids and us seemed to be close or a short drive away. I saved my Tesco vouchers and went to Oakland Theme Park (for free) and that was like stepping back in time but our little girl loved it! Someone recommended Folly Farm and this was a feast for our eyes, let alone our children.  We travelled to Tenby to check out the beaches and decided a to come back and stay there next time as we were stunned by the beautiful town, beaches and so much to see and do. After walking around Kiln for one day, we realised this was not only a great base for travelling around the area, but somewhere to call a second home.